International Journal of Biological Innovations (IJBI):

Glocal Environment & Social Association (GESA) publishes a peer reviewed and refereed "International Journal of Biological Innovations (IJBI)" having ISSN: 2582-1032. Dr A.K. Verma is Editor-in Chief of IJBI. Dr Verma is M.Sc. (Gold Medalist), Ph.D., D.Sc. (honoris causa), has written 6 books and published 65 research papers so far. Moreover, he has received more than 60 awards of state, national and international level including most prestigious SARASWATI SAMMAN of Uttar Pradesh Government in 2017. He is popularly known as “Man of awards and honours”. The GESA and IJBI invite you to contribute a Manuscript for publication for next issue. You are hereby requested to contribute any kind of one original article (Research paper, Review article, Short Communications, Case study, etc.). The IJBI publishes works pertaining to all fields of Biological Sciences (Zoology & Botany) including agriculture and environment. It disseminates the scientific research and recent biological innovations. Its periodicity is twice in a year i.e. June and December. You can submit your article to or .

Guidelines to cite the references:

In the body of the text, references should be cited as: single author (Pandey, 2010), two authors (Pandey and Chauhan, 2011), three or more authors (Verma, et al., 2018). All literature cited in the text must be alphabetically listed under References at the end of the text. A pattern of different category of literature for listing is given here under:

  • Verma A.K. and Prakash S. (2018). A study on the population scenario of Indian Sarus crane (Grus antigone antigone) in and around Alwara Lake of District Kaushambi (U.P.), India. Asian Journal of Biology. 5 (1): 1-8 pp.
  • Wildlife Institute of India (1999).Training workshop on wetland research methodology measuring and monitoring biological diversity. WII. Dehra Dun, 5-10 pp.

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